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Chromatic Exercise
At a low tempo, this is a very good Warm-up exercise. At a higher tempo it's a good strength exercise and good to train your finger independency for your fret hand.

Don't be mislead by the many sharps, flats and natural signs. The idea behind this exercise is very simple.
It's a 2-bar pattern which repeats itself 1 fret higher (Ascending) or 1 fret lower (Descending).

Study Tips:

  • Practice the first 2 measures at a low tempo without a metronome.
  • Once you're comfortable with this pattern, practice at a low tempo with a metronome.
  • Practice switching the pattern between different positions. First without, then with metronome.
  • Increase the tempo with small steps (2 to 5 BPM).

Chromatic Exercide - Bass Lessons