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Musician: Donald "Duck" Dunn - Album: Who's making love Musician: Donald "Duck" Dunn - Album: Who's making love Musician: Donald "Duck" Dunn - Album: Who's making love Musician: Duke McVinnie - Album: I oughtta give you a shot in the head for making me live in this dump Musician: Wayne Braitwaite - Album: Love zone Musician: Nick Movshon - Album: It rains love Musician: Fil van der Auwera - Album: Beats of Love Musician: Aston Barrett - Album: Kaya Musician: Unknown Musician: Carol Kaye Musician: Verdine White - Album: Rejoice Musician: Graham Maby - Album: Look Sharp Musician: Ronnie Baker - Album: So full of love Musician: Johnny Gayden - Album: Frostbite Musician: Carol Kaye - Album: Love country style Musician: Freddie Washington - Album: Rapture Musician: John Gustafson - Album: Siren Musician: Verdine White - Album: All 'n all Musician: Philippe Clegg - Album: Love You Really Musician: Anthony Wall - Album: Steps in Time Musician: Adam Blackstone - Album: Xscape Musician: Pete Cummings - Album: Music City Soul Musician: Jance Garfat - Album: Pleasure and pain Musician: Arnold Wilson - Album: Sure shot Musician: Joseph Lucky Scott - Album: Super fly Musician: James Jamerson - Album: United Musician: Anthony Jackson - Album: Ship Ahoy Musician: Leon Sylvers III - Album: Three for Love Musician: Chuck Rainey - Album: Mr. Blues plays Lady Soul Musician: Melvin Dunlap - Album: Express yourself Musician: Carol Kaye - Album: Love Songs Musician: Bernard Edwards - Album: C'est Chic Musician: Jerry Seay - Album: Mother Factor Musician: Daft Punk - Album: Random Access Memory Musician: Charlie Haden - Album: Beyond the Missouri Sky Musician: Phil Thornalley - Album: Japanese Whispers Musician: Tal Wilkenfeld - Album: Jeff Beck - Live at Ronnie Scott's 2007 Musician: Ernie Brooks - Album: The modern lovers
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An introduction to odd meters....
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Benjamin Zander is conductor for the Boston Philharemonic. His passion and energy is admirable. He has two infectious...... He had always considered making guitars a passion, not an occupation. In 2007, Randall Wyn Fullmer, an ordinary guy with a cat,...... Watch the progress of the construction of a Martin Double Bass....