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Musician: Chuck Rainey - Album: Gaucho Musician: Walter Becker - Album: The royal scam Musician: Various Musician: Various Musician: Carmine Rojas - Album: Let's Dance Musician: Unknown - Album: Listen Musician: Unknown - Album: Thank God It's Friday Musician: Nathan Watts - Album: Destiny Musician: Ralphe Armstrong - Album: Visions of the emerald beyond Musician: Igor Pichon - Album: Get some Musician: Larry Graham - Album: Dance to the music Musician: Danny De Haes - Album: Black out Musician: Kelsey Gonzalez - Album: Free Nationals Musician: Wilton Felder - Album: Southern Comfort Musician: Neil Jason - Album: Boys and Girls Musician: Tony Breit - Album: It Is Time for a Love Revolution
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An introduction to odd meters....
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33min interview with bassist Chuck Rainey, known for playing with many well-known American musicians and acts, including Donald...... How dance can be an enjoyable visual experience....