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Musician: John Gustafson - Album: Siren Musician: Alan Spenner - Album: Flesh + Blood Musician: Jeremy Meehan - Album: Street Life: 20 Great Hits Musician: Alan Spenner - Album: Avalon Musician: Unknown - Album: Music & Me Musician: Larry Graham - Album: Dance to the music Musician: Unknown - Album: Let the music play Musician: David Hayes - Album: Into the Music Musician: Colin Greenwood - Album: OK Computer Musician: Pete Cummings - Album: Music City Soul Musician: Pete Cummings - Album: Music City Soul Musician: Deon Estus - Album: Music from the edge of heaven Musician: Greg Koller - Album: Lemonade Musician: Jaco Pastorius - Album: Invitation Musician: Allen Wentz - Album: Wild Cherry Musician: Vince Loving - Album: The Music According to Lafayette Gilchrist
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How to find the key of a song.... A short lesson about key signatures, sharps and flats.... An introduction to odd meters....
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Music is a powerful communication tool--it causes us to laugh, cry, think and question. Bassist and five-time Grammy winner,...... Benjamin Zander is conductor for the Boston Philharemonic. His passion and energy is admirable. He has two infectious...... Interesting Channel 4 series from 2006.... Ace entertinment Inc.'s Youtube channel has some short clips of the jams they organize with top musicians. See Workshop Tour.... 33min interview with bassist Chuck Rainey, known for playing with many well-known American musicians and acts, including Donald......
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The pitch accuracy of a musical instrument. The intonation can be adjusted by moving the bridge sadles forwards or backwards.......